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The Path to Sustainable, Healthier, Fried Food.

We're on a mission to reduce oil wastage and create healthier fried food products globally! Using the World's first, patented OLEXT Plate.


Extend Oil Life

Increases oil life

by 3x longer by reducing Acrylamides &


Reduce Wastage

Reduce carbon footprint and oil wastage

3 x Healthier Food

Promote your business as an advocate of healthier food


Unrivalled Science

Patented science & First of its kind in the World!

Considerable Savings

All while saving your business money on the increasing cost of cooking oil!

Better for Caterers, Better for Consumers, Better for the Planet.

Using our patented nano tech beam formulation, the world first OLEXT Plate was created! It increases the life of oil, decreases the oxidation rate and decreases food absorption rate by up to 75%!*

  • Making fried food's healthier for your consumers,

  • Increasing the life and quality of your oil

  • Reducing waste oil drastically globally

  • And reducing oil costs by more than half all at once! 

An Innovative
Driven Solution

Due to the difference between minerals inside our nanotech beam, a micro current (pico current) is generated which creates a micro magnetic barrier around the OLEXT Plate as it is heated.


This ultra barrier reacts with the oil creating a "Nanotech Beam Ion" formulating a weak magnetic field and weak far-infrared ray; which act synergistically in the oil to make the molecules finer, thinning the oil. More importantly, separating the water from the oil creating a more efficient frying process and supressing the emulsification and preventing oxidation.


Data Powered 
& Test Driven

During our testing phase we outsourced our testing to multiple food research laboratories. The results were synergetic from internal and external testing.

1) Oxidation (AV) → Oxidation was reduced substantially with an average of 75%


2) Peroxide value (POV) → POV decreased by an average of 73%


3) Carbanion value (CV) → substantially lowered over 22 hours of usage

4) Polar compounds (PC) → The increase rate of PC remained very low.

A simple solution

The science may be tricky to understand but the application is simple. Here's how you use it:

Step 1) Place the OLEXT Plate at the bottom of your deep fat fryer or any deep pot of oil.

Step 2) Heat your oil as normal and continue your normal cooking process.

The OLEXT Plate will sit at the base of your fryer and requires minimal maintenance and no preparation. It can be cleaned whenever your fryer is cleaned, has no effect on the taste of your product and is free from all chemicals.

It's just very clever science!


Talk to us

If you are interested in becoming an Olext partner or purchasing our product, get in touch with us here.

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